Systém japonských bojových umění

Michal Snopek

Tréninky: Biskupské Gymnázium Brno (BIGY), Barvičova 85, Brno NEDĚLE od 17,30 do 20,00 hodin
Mobil: 605 259 789

What can I learn at Bujinkan?

Taught are generally the techniques, principles, thoughts and strategies of the fight without weapon and with weapon.


What to take for the first training?

Any solid training clothes, which can stand heavy use and light shoes.


Who can come to trainings?

Anybody with frank interest in study of the fighting arts (without sports ambitions) and over 15 years old.

 W E L C O M E !!!

Welcome to my webpages focusing not only on those who are interested in the study of the nine fighting arts Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (ninjutsu, Ninpó), but also in the main representative of them Sóke Massaki Hatsumi who is the continuator of more than 2000years of the progress of these arts. The grandmastery has been passed onto him by his teacher Toshitsugu Takamatsu. 



                                        Takamatsu sensei          Hatsumi sensei (Sóke)


Let me introduce myself - I am Michal Snopek and I have been studying Bujinkan since 1999 under the leadership of shihan Luboš Pokorný and also shihan Martin Žipaj. I have been interested in the fighting arts since my childhood and I started to practice them when I was 12. Fortunatelly I was not satisfied with what I was doing and how. I really missed integrity, reality, nature and lifetime way, which I have already found in Ninpó.


The founder of Bujinkan in The Czech and Slovak republic is Mr. Luboš Pokorný, private student of Dr. Hatsumiho. Mr. Pokorný visits Japan regularly three times a year as a student and also a teacher certified by Sóke. He is one of the bearers of the world´s highest level of Bujinkan Dojo.

 Luboš Pokorný

Bujinkan Czech Dojo (BCD) is the first and oldest organisation of Bujinkan in the Czech republic. Its founder is Luboš Pokorný. This organisation brings together the major majority of Czech dojo, their members either regularly or sporadically visit Japan and study at Soké Hatsumiho, also at his oldest students (teachers). Czech students also take part in the world meetings whose organisators are non Japanesse shihani. They also take part in weekend seminars and classes organised by Mr. Pokorný once a month. The top and regular activity is a fourteen day long Šumavský Ninja festival, where participants can meet buju not only from the Czech republic but also from the whole world.